Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Envisage Practice Management provides a quick, hassle-free medical billing service. Our aim is to drive results by maintaining high quality processes for No Gap, Known Gap, Worker’s Compensation claims and private patient billing.

Medical billing and claims management can be a difficult and tedious task, especially while trying to manage the rest of the practice's needs. When you outsource your medical billing requirements to Envisage Practice Management, we help increase your revenue through prompt and efficient patient billing, collecting payments and managing outstanding accounts or health fund and medicare rejections efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Depending on your software capabilities and licenses, we can offer  a fast, efficient medical billing service using Simplified Billing and ECLIPSE for Medicare and participating health funds. This gives you and your practice staff more time to focus on patient care.

A personalised medical billing process

Our medical billing process:

  • Specialist completes the required patient billing sheet which includes the required patient and hospital information (for new accounts)
  • Verification is performed online with Medicare and private health funds (patients or service providers are followed up to confirm relevant details, if required) 
  • No-gap bills are claimed electronically through ECLIPSE, both for Medicare and private health fund claims.
  • Bills for health fund providers not accepting claims through ECLIPSE are processed manually. This includes private patient billing for those who do not hold private health cover, Worker’s Compensation claims and following up Known Gap payments from patients.
Medical billing

'No gap' billing scheme

A 'no gap' billing scheme eliminates the need for patients to pay a gap for services provided by a specialist while in hospital. The main benefit of the no gap billing scheme is faster payments through claiming online, with the practice receiving combined Medicare and private health fund payments

'Known gap' billing scheme

The 'known gap' scheme is similar to the no gap scheme. It enables you to charge patients for any additional known gap, while still allowing you to electronically claim online through ECLIPSE for Medicare and private health fund payments.

"We provide flexible private medical billing services"

Alternative medical billing options

Private patient billing services can be settled a number of different ways.  One option is for your patient to pay your bills in full, receive a receipt, then claim their own benefit from Medicare and private health fund.  Alternatively, your patient can pass on your invoice directly to Medicare and their health fund, then cheques (made out to you) will be sent to the patient. The patient forwards these cheques to us along with payment for any gap if applicable. 

Worker’s Compensation bills are invoiced directly to the relevant third-party insurance company for payment.

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Medical billing

Monthly medical billing reporting

We keep you up to date on the status of your medical billing with a monthly report which includes item that is billed, paid, rejected or currently being investigated and resubmitted for payment.

We follow up any unpaid or rejected claims and provide health funds with any further  information required for reassessment of these claims so you get paid. While we investigate, your time is focused where it’s needed - with your patients.  We will also follow up patients and third-party payers as required for unpaid invoices.


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